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Power transmission belt or flat belt

Definition of power transmission belt

What is a power transmission belt?

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Power transmission belt, also known as flat belt/felt belt , is a type of industrial belt that is used in many factories and industries.

A power transmission belt is a mechanical part that is used to transmit power and movement between two or more axes in various machines and systems. These belts are usually made of flexible materials such as PVC, ethylene, polyurethane, rubber or leather. The design and structure of these belts is in a way to prevent speed drop.

Flat tapes with rubber and resistant covers are used for power transmission and displacement in industrial devices. In other words, the flat belt is responsible for transferring power from the engine or the main core of the device to its other parts. Flat belts have less contact with industrial products than other industrial belts; Therefore, the role of power transmission to different parts of the device and sometimes the power transmission to products is the responsibility of the power transmission belt.

Types of power transmission belts

Types of transmission belt covers

Flat belt with polyamide coating: Polyamide coatings give high strength to the belt. For this reason, flat belts with polyamide coating are used in industries where power transmission is needed.

Flat belt with polyester coating : Flat belt with polyester coating is used in industries that need to transmit power at high speed. Polyester covers increase the speed of the belt.

Flat belts with polyester and polyamide coatings: these belts have high strength and speed for power transmission and are used in certain industries.

Application of power transmission tape in various industries

All devices in various factories and industries need a power transmission belt to transfer power from the engine to different parts of the device. Therefore, flat power transmission belts are used in most factories and devices. Spinning factories need polyester-coated flat conveyor belts for power transfer. Because the speed in these devices is one of the most important factors of the work process. Other factories that use flat belts include the following:


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