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what is Grip Belt

Grip conveyor belts are employed with a special forms and ribs like a honeycomb and in different designs and sizes.
This type of belt which is known as Grip or Honeycomb can be classified in the three groups:
•    Rubber Grip with polyester bottom side.
•    Rubber Grip with rubber bottom side or (Rubber).
•    PVC Grip with polyester bottom side.
The PVC grip is used in the food industry and mainly in the food packaging process.
Rubber Grip with Polyester bottom side is used in the carton industry, printing and packaging, which can be in double-carcass layer and sometimes in three-carcass layer and also in great thickness.
Grip with Polyester bottom side is working where there are metal sheets under belt. But Rubber grip has proficiency where   particular rollers or conveyor rollers are embedded under it.
Cover surface of this belt has knobs and indents which permits of slipping of objects on high slopes.
Grip belt has also many applications in the food industry, but due to lack of health and sanitary aims of Rubber Grip belts, the type of PVC Grip used in the food industry.
This PVC Grip belt in 4 to 5 mm thickness is most desired. But another kind of the Grip belt is available in 7 to 8 mm thickness.

grip belt
grip belt