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What is mesh conveyor belt?

تسمه توری نقاله

Mesh conveyor belt is one of the types of conveyor belts. As can be seen from the title of conveyor belt; Mesh shows its external structure. The lace belt has a mesh structure and lace texture. Net or mesh is also called conveyor mesh. The dimensions, diameter and geometric shape of these meshes are important to use them in different industries. In addition to the shape and appearance of the conveyor net, the material of the conveyor net is also very important in choosing it for use.

These belts are open-faced and, due to the combination of metal mesh, usually have a flat surface and small holes for air and liquids to pass through. For this reason, these belts are very suitable for transporting materials that require ventilation.

Types of mesh conveyor textures

The type of texture and its shape is very effective in choosing lace belt for use in different industries. One of the issues that is important in choosing a conveyor net is the mesh size. The length and width of the mesh or the mesh of the conveyor determines its size. Mesh size can be adjusted based on customer orders. Mesh size depends on the industry used.

Conveyor nets with small mesh sizes are used in industries where the manufactured products have small sizes. In industries where the products are larger, a conveyor net with a larger mesh size is used. Wires are woven in different ways in the conveyor net.

Among the types of conveyor nets with different textures, the following can be mentioned:

Technical specifications of iron conveyor belt

The price of mesh conveyor belts

The price of the conveyor net depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

Belt size and dimensions

The size and dimensions of the conveyor belt can affect its price. Larger belts with special dimensions usually cost more.

Manufacturer and product quality

The brand and quality of the product can also affect the price of the conveyor belt. Products from famous brands and manufacturers usually have a higher price.

Type of mesh belt

The materials used in the production of mesh belts can also have an effect on the price. Some lace belts may be more expensive than metal ones, and some plastic ones, which are far more economical.

Special applications and needs

If you need a conveyor mesh belt with special characteristics such as resistance to heat or chemicals, these may also lead to an increase in the price of the mesh belt.

Conveyor mesh material

Cord mesh conveyor belt

One of the types of conveyor net is Cord mesh conveyor belt. Single-layer is mostly used in the production of Cord mesh conveyor. Cord mesh conveyor is used in various industries including food industry. In the Cord mesh conveyor, the wires are wrapped around in rectangular and rhombic shapes.

It also has high flexibility and is resistant to heat. Match lace belts are used in industries where small size products are produced. The Cord mesh conveyor can be ordered in different sizes.

Steel mesh conveyor belt

Different types of steel are used in the production of steel conveyor nets. Steel conveyor net is one of the most used conveyor nets. Steel conveyor belt is used in different industries. Because it has high resistance and flexibility. A variety of single or multi-layer fabrics are used in the production of steel conveyor nets. The size of steel conveyor net meshes can also be ordered.

Galvanized conveyor belt

One of the most resistant conveyor belts is galvanized net. Galvanized conveyor belts are used in industries that require durable conveyor belts. Galvanized conveyor net shows high resistance when exposed to heat and high temperature.

Galvanized conveyor belt has anti-rust properties. Galvanized conveyor net is mostly used in food industry. Because health also plays a decisive role in choosing materials. Galvanized conveyor belts are also used in heavy industries such as petrochemical industries. A variety of resistant fabrics can be used in the construction of galvanized conveyor belts . Contact us to know the specifications and price of the belt .

Advantages and features of mesh conveyor belt

Due to the mentioned features, the mesh conveyor belt is a suitable option for transferring materials and moving materials with special environmental conditions and favorable ventilation.

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