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V-Ribbed Belt (Poly V-belt)

Poly V-belt definition

What is V-Ribbed belt?

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Poly V-Belt is an industrial belt designed with a V-shaped cross-section similar to V-belts, but with more and smaller grooves. For this reason, it is also called Poly V-Belt or Multi V-Belt. These belts are made of rubber reinforced with different fibers such as polyester or aramid, which gives them resistance and long life.

The special design of the grooved belt with more grooves helps to transmit more power and better efficiency. Due to their special design, these belts have more transmission power than normal belts.

Types of V-Ribbed belt

The price of all kinds of V-Ribbed belts

The price of the V-Ribbed belt depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

Belt dimensions

The size and dimensions of the belt directly affect its price. Larger and wider belts cost more


Different companies produce industrial belts with different qualities and prices. Therefore, the prices are also different.

Belt material

Belts are made with different materials such as rubber, polyurethane, neoprene and fiberglass, and each of these materials has different characteristics and capabilities that can affect the price.

Belt quality

High-quality, long-life industrial belts usually command a higher price. Because they are produced from quality materials, advanced technology and precise manufacturing processes.

Advantages of using V-Ribbed belts

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Application of V-Ribbed belt

One of the important points is the PK pitch with a distance of 3.65 mm between each groove, which is the most widely used in the grooved belts of passenger and heavy vehicles. EPH and EPJ steps are produced in elastic form and can be used in machines or engines that cannot be opened and closed due to the lack of design space, the shaft, pulley and other components, and the belt is installed by pulling around the pulley. The PH step is very important for heavy industrial machinery (mining machinery).

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