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Definition of PVC strap

What is PVC strap?

تسمه پی وی سی (pvc)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) belt is made of thermoplastic polymer compounds. Due to its polymer structure, it has high quality and resistance to chemical and physical reactions. For this reason, it is used in many industries to transport various materials. In the structure of the PVC belt, polyester and linen cohesive taropods are also found. The existing polyester protects it against wear and corrosion. In addition, due to the presence of PVC polymer, it also has antibacterial properties, and for this reason, it is most widely used in the food industry. Therefore, PVC conveyor is also known as food conveyor belt.


Different types of PVC belts

Smooth PVC strap

These belts have a smooth and unpatterned surface and are suitable for conveying smooth and flawless materials.

PVC rail belt

These belts have rail or mesh tops that are suitable for conveying materials with uneven surfaces.

Waterproof PVC strap

Some PVC belts come with a waterproof coating, which is suitable for applications that require working in wet or wet conditions.

Anti-electricity PVC belt

With the addition of anti-static materials, these belts are suitable for applications that require the prevention of static electricity build-up.

PVC belt price

The price of PVC belts is usually lower than many other belts, which makes them a cost-effective and economical option for conveying and conveying materials in various industries. Also, the price of PVC belts will vary depending on the features, dimensions, thickness, type of surface (smooth or rail) and manufacturer. On the other hand, the ability to cover PVC belts in different colors and designs can make the belts more visually attractive in various devices and industries, but this feature may increase the price compared to simpler belts. However, PVC belts are still recognized as a valuable and cost-effective option for conveying materials in many industries.

Features and benefits of PVC belt

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Application of PVC belt

PVC belts are also used as conveyor belts in public places, including treadmill belts in gyms.

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