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Grip conveyor belt

Definition of grip belt

What is a conveyor belt grip?

نوار نقاله گریپ

Grip conveyor belt is one type of industrial belt that is produced in different sizes with its own shape. Grab conveyor belt has a grooved and layered appearance similar to the shapes of honeycombs, and for this reason it is also known as honeycomb belt . Usually, these belts are used with a thickness of 5-4 mm and a thickness of 7-8 mm more than other existing grips. Their material is usually made of fabric, PVC or layered manjid. Due to the special surface on it, this conveyor has the ability to catch and transfer objects.

This special surface, which is called “grip” or “grip pattern”, is usually produced using special materials such as rubber or polyamide. Due to the special grip surface, it can easily take loads and different materials and transfer them from one point to another. Its main function is based on the friction between the surface of the grip and the objects, which makes for a safe and reliable transfer. Grip conveyors are used in various industries, including production lines, food industry, packaging industry, semi-solid and liquid material transfer, mining industry, steel industry, automotive industry, etc. This conveyor belt can improve the performance of industries and help increase the productivity and safety of employees due to the ability to take loads and materials with accuracy and easy manipulation.

Grip conveyor belt structure and components

Grip conveyor belt material

Grip conveyor belts are usually made of orthoplastic (such as neoprene rubber) or polyamide (such as nylon) materials. These materials are used to create a suitable grip surface and durability against pressure and friction.

Grip pattern

The grip pattern is usually created by using raised patterns, lines or other designs on the surface of the belt. The grip pattern gives the conveyor the ability to stick and grab loads and materials.

Covering layers

They have coating layers that can strengthen the physical and chemical properties of the belt. These layers can increase the resistance to pressure, heat, oil, acids and bases and increase the useful life of the belt.

Resistive layer

Some grip conveyor belts have a resistance layer that is used to resist wear and other mechanical damage. This layer is usually placed on top of the belt and can be resistant to possible damage. Grip conveyor is one of the most used types of conveyor belts.

Important systems in the Grip ribbed conveyor belt

The price of grip conveyors

Grip conveyor price depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

Belt dimensions

The size and dimensions of the belt directly affect its price. Larger and wider belts cost more.


Different companies produce industrial belts with different qualities and prices. Therefore, the prices are also different.

The material of the grip belt

Grip tape can be made of different types and materials. The material and quality of the belt has a great impact on its price. Belts made from high-quality materials may be more expensive.

Grip belt type and model

According to different industrial needs, Grip conveyor belts are supplied with various models and features. The model and special features of the belt may be added to its price.

Advantages and features of the Grip conveyor

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Uses of grip conveyor belt

In food production and packaging factories, due to health issues and health rules, the use of plastic grip belts is not common; But the use of PVC grip belt is common in factories and industries of food production and packaging due to the presence of antibacterial material in this belt. However, the use of grip conveyor belts is used in many industries, including the following industries.


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