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What is PU belt?

تسمه pu پیشرو صنعت

PU or Polyurethane belt is a type of conveyor belt that is made of polyurethane and is used to transport materials. Polyurethane is a thermoplastic polymer (Thermoplastic) that is obtained from the reaction connection of isocyanate with several polyol oxide chemicals. Due to their special characteristics, these polymer materials are used to produce belts and many industrial and commercial applications.

The use of pu belt in the food industry is very high. PU belt is usually known as white and sometimes blue, but various colors are produced. PU belt is used in various industries and in fact it can be said that PU belt is one of the most used types of industrial belts. PU belt has very high strength, variety and wide use in different industries.

Different types of PU belts

Smooth PU belt

These belts have a smooth and unpatterned surface and are suitable for conveying smooth and flawless materials.

Rail pu belt

These belts have rail or mesh tops that are suitable for conveying materials with uneven surfaces.

PU rubber straps

These belts have rubber properties and are usually used in some applications that require more flexibility.

Anti-static PU belts

With the addition of anti-static materials, these belts are suitable for applications that require the prevention of static electricity build-up.

Price of PU belt

The price of PU belts is variable and may vary depending on the length, width, thickness, type of features, quality, manufacturer, type of application, and origin and destination market. PU belts generally have a higher price than normal treadmill belts or conveyors due to their special features and applications. However, it is possible to choose the best price for PU belt by comparing prices and communicating with reputable manufacturers and suppliers. The economic value of PU belts is also considered as the longer life and reduced need for frequent belt replacement reduces maintenance and repair costs and contributes to equipment longevity and efficiency.

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