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Definition of belt fastener

What is belt fastener

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Belt clamps and belt grippers are two different tools that are used to fasten conveyor belts and industrial belts. These tools are used as side parts of conveyor belts and are produced in different materials and shapes. Among their most important applications, we can mention the connection of various types of conveyor belts, industrial belts, and material transfer belts.

What is strap fastener ?

A strap fastener is a device used to connect two ends of a strap together to form a closed ring or circle to secure the strap in a ring shape. Belt fasteners are usually made of metal or plastic and have different types. Buckles act as a temporary attachment for belts and are easy to open and close.

What is belt gripper?

A belt gripper is a mechanical device used to permanently fasten belts together. This tool is usually made of strong metal and has the ability to tighten the straps permanently. Belt gripper is used for belts that need permanent connection and is often used in heavy and thin industries, metals and things that need high strength.

In general, the belt fastener is used as a temporary connection and the belt gripper is used as a permanent connection for conveyor belts and industrial belts so that the belts are firmly connected and can move the material along the track.

Types of belt fastener

Wire or needle fastener

 Fastener connection requires special skills. Beginners and those who do not know how to connect fasteners well. Needle fasteners are one of the most common types of belt fasteners. The shape of these fasteners is needle-shaped. Needle clamps are used to connect food industry conveyor belts. Specialized devices are needed to connect fasteners to the belt. (use for PVC belt)

Typical fastener

It has different sizes and types. Forged fasteners No. 5 to 65 are used for connections in the tarpaulin belt. Ordinary fasteners can also be connected by beginners with some precision. Using fake fasteners is very efficient and simple.

Hinge fastener

As its name suggests, this clasp is similar to door hinges. The use of a hinged fastener is not very common. Hinged fasteners are used in the connection of belts and food industries.

Double screw fastener

It has two sizes, 1.5 and 2, and it is used in connecting conveyor belts in different dimensions and sizes.

The price of belt fasteners

The price of all types of belt fasteners may vary depending on the type, material, dimensions, quality and manufacturer. These prices may vary in different markets and around the world. For example, steel or stainless steel fasteners usually cost more than plastic fasteners.

In the case of fasteners, the prices may vary according to the number and dimensions of the fasteners. Also, the type of fastener (screw, clip, lock, etc.) also affects its price.

In the case of grips, the prices will depend on the number of grips, dimensions, material and type of connection (screw or rail).

Also, due to changes in raw material prices and market conditions, prices may change over time.

The best way to know the most accurate prices for all types of belt buckles is to consult with reputable suppliers and dealers. You can contact us to inquire about the price and get a free consultation.

Technical specifications of belt fastener

Technical specifications of belt buckle

Technical specifications of belt fasteners

Please note that the exact technical specifications of the belt buckle may vary depending on the type and brand of the manufacturer. To choose the best strap fastener for your specific needs, it can be helpful to consult with reputable and expert suppliers.

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