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Definition of treadmill belt

What is a treadmill belt?

خرید تسمه تردمیل

A treadmill belt is a type of conveyor belt that is used horizontally on treadmills.

The treadmill belt is mainly made of polychloroprene (PVC) or polyurethane, which has the characteristics of anti-slip, wear resistance and good flexibility. These straps have a matte and shock-absorbing surface to prevent the human foot from slipping and damaging.

The treadmill belt is controlled by the motor and power concentration, so the user can adjust the speed of the treadmill and walk or run at the desired speed depending on their needs and physical strength.

This type of conveyor belt is used as an essential part of treadmills, and users usually step on these belts and exercise by moving them. Treadmills are a popular and effective exercise tool in homes and gyms, and are easily adjustable to allow people of all levels and abilities to use them.

Different types of treadmill belts

PVC treadmill belt

It is made of polyvinyl chloride and is mostly used in home treadmills. They are very popular due to their low price, good pressure resistance, good flexibility and good impactability.

PU treadmill belt

PU is made from polyurethane and is used for high quality treadmills. Types of PU with features such as more corrosion resistance, more flexibility, longer life and smoother surface can improve the quality of efficiency and performance of the treadmill.

Rubber treadmill belt

Rubber treadmill belt is made of rubber and is used in treadmills with high pressure and speed. Due to their resistance to heat and erosion, high resistance to friction and long life, they are suitable for professional treadmills.

Each type of treadmill belt has different features and benefits and are suitable for different types of treadmills and different needs of users. To choose the best type of conveyor for a treadmill, you should pay attention to criteria such as resistance, flexibility, impactability, smooth surface and long life, and choose the best option according to your needs.

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Treadmill belt price

The price of a treadmill belt depends on several factors such as size, material, quality and type of use (home or gym). Also, the brand of the treadmill can affect its price. To buy a treadmill conveyor, it is better to use reliable and authorized stores and compare the prices in the market. To know the price and specifications of the treadmill, contact the numbers listed on the website.

Specifications and technical features of the treadmill belt

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